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Charka Balancing Essence Oils
Reiki Blessed and Infused
Price: $14.95
Package Special (All 7 Essence Oils)
Reiki Blessed and Infused
Price: $104.65 $84.65
Healing Heart Gift Basket
Reiki Blessed and Infused. Basket Includes: Heart Chakra Essence Oil, Lavender Shea Butter and Olive Oil Beauty Bar, lavender scented Meditation Candle, Lavender Shea Butter Hand Lotion and a Beautiful Healing Heart Amulet inlayed with Peridot Crystals.
Price: $25.95 $23.95
Healing Heart Beauty Bar
You can Purchase our Lavender Shea Butter and Olive Oil Beauty Bar Separately.
Price: $6.00
Orgonite Jewlery and Lighted Crystals
These Beautiful Pendents and Lights are Hand Made Individually and no two are alike. Please contact me for product details of the different pieces that are available.
Price: $25.00
Charka Balancing Essence Oils
Reiki Blessed and Infused
Each crystal placed in the vial has been cleansed in sea salt and sun or moonlight. Then added to a solution of silkbase scented with 100% pure essence oil extracts. Each crystal carries its own vibrational frequency that adsorbs into the solution and releases its healing properties.
The oils are worn as a perfume by placing a small amount on the wrist. You can purchase any of the seven oils individually or as a complete package of all seven.
Essence Oils Available for the 7 Main Charkas
Essence Oils Available for the 7 Main Charkas
Crown (Openness) - Amethyst Crystal in Myrrh Oil - Helps to raise ones vibration to a more spiritual level and releases the resistance to change

Third Eye (Protection) - Quartz Crystal in Sandalwood Oil - Protection against negativity in the environment and shields one from its influences

Throat (Communication) – Sodalite Crystal in Cinnamon Oil – Enhances communication skills, strengthens power of the mind and heals rifts in relationships

Heart (New Beginnings) - Peridot Crystal in Lavender Oil - Helps to stabilize the subtle body and open one up to new ideas, learning and creativity

Solar Plexus (Confidence) – Citrine Crystal in Patchouli Oil – Increases self esteem, opens the mind to new thoughts, aides in developing courage and self worth

Sacral (Motivation) - Carnelian Crystal in Ylang Ylang Oil – Ambition and drive, activates and energizes personal power and reveals hidden talents

Root (Tranquility) - Garnet Crystal in Basil Oil - Stone of surrounding tranquility, helps one find tranquility and peace within and without
Essence Oil Disclosure
Essence Oil Disclosure
Disclosure of what each oil contains. The oils used are 100% pure and natural
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