Aura Imaging - Let Your Colors Shine
Kirlian Photography
Kirlian Photography
Aura imaging also known as Kirlian Photography was discovered by Semyon Kirlian in 1939. He discovered that the photographic plate could record the objects electric field. The image looked like a colored halo or coronal discharge. This image was said to be the physical manifestation of the aura or "life force" which surrounds each living thing.
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The History of Aura Imaging
Originally called "Aura Introduction" and "Aura 91".A short introduction video about Auras and Aura Imaging done in the 90's.
Modern Aura Imaging
See Your Aura Live!!
The process we are using is similar to the original Kirlian Photography but uses a biosensor plates that measure electro-dermal activity and electric conductivity of the skin to record the electrometric energy emitted by a person.
This new technology allows for a more accurate reading and the ability to have live video feed as well.
This allows the practitioner to better analyze the live feed of the aura images and apply the proper energy therapies and the results can be seen immediately right on the computer monitor in live video action.
Reports can then be printed out recording the before and after results of the therapy sessions.
What are your aura and chakra colors
What Do The Color Mean?
The colors are our character. It is a key to our personality, moods, maturity and health. It reflects both physical and spiritual aspects of our life.
Each color and shade has its own characteristic as well as the location and intensity. All of this combined together helps us understand what the aura is revealing to us.
There are many variables to consider when analyzing the colors and it takes careful analysis to put the whole meaning together. Feel free to download our Free Analysis Guide that shows how the analysis process works.
Pet auras are amazing keys to your furry friends personality of your aura images and charkas
This is an unforgettable experience each session is unique, remarkable, life transforming and best of all FUN!!

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What Is Aura Balancing?
Energy therapy comes in many forms. when applied these healing therapy tools gently adjust and realign the energy field (aura) and help move it into a more healthy state of being.
Types of Therapy Used
Some of the more popular forms of energy tools include light therapy, crystal therapy, music therapy and healing touch.
What I like to use is a combination of modalities that include, healing touch (Reiki), crystals and frequency healing.
Each session can be different depending on each person’s needs. I let my intuitive senses and feelings guide us on the healing journey as spirit sees fit.
We offer photos for individual, family and pets. Sessions can be saved to DVD and reports can then be printed recording the before and after results of the therapy session. Photos can be printed and are suitable for framing.
Sample Session Saved to DVD
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Aura Imaging
Hello, this is a sample aura video session using advanced video technology. This new feature of doing a video capture of you session is a great way to share your experience with your family and friend...
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